May 2022


Best Ways to Order Cannabis Online in Canada

Although Cannabis is well regulated in Canada, it is essential to be aware of the rules, regulations, and policies to avoid getting involved in illegal activities. Cannabis has been readily available in physical stores until the last few years; however, many prefer to buy it online nowadays. Let’s look at the best ways to order Cannabis online in Canada:

  1. Watch Out for Authorized Websites: It is highly recommended to buy Cannabis only from authorized websites to avoid legal issues. The question is, how do we identify whether a website is authorized or not? Some of the things that you can look at are whether there is a proper address and contact details mentioned, whether the website has a legitimate ‘About us’ and ‘Terms & Conditions’ Page, Prices seem genuine and links aren’t broken. You also need to check whether payment gateways are genuine. Some signs of a bad website are slow loading speed, broken links, absence of contact details, abnormal costs of shipping, etc.
  1. Always Buy from Registered Retailers: Online Cannabis Retailers are registered with the local Government. If you doubt their credentials, it is advised to look them up on the internet and read about their year of establishment, registration, location and other details to be on the safer side. There are ways you can figure out whether a retailer is registered or not. An unregistered retailer offers Cannabis at unusually low prices, promotes their products through unreasonable discounts, and accepts crypto-currency rather than credit cards to reduce their chances of being caught. Unauthorized retailers often use their profits to engage in other criminal activities which in turn could harm your community in return. Hence, it is best to be an informed buyer than to get involved in criminal activities.
  1. Age-Restrictions: Legal age to purchase cannabis in most provinces in Canada range from 18 to 21. However, every territory has separate regulations and it’s good to be aware of your territory’s age restrictions. Also, there will be different procedures to buy cannabis online. Make sure to go through them before you make your purchase. Legal retailers will first verify your age through some form of identity verification before they accept your order. One of the best platforms to buy Cannabis online in Canada is Bc Cannabis Company which accepts orders from all customers over 19 years of age. 
  1. Cannabis Quantity: While buying Cannabis online, watch out for the permissible order quantities. Different provinces in Canada are governed by different sets of rules, however, the current permissible limit is 30 grams per person at one time. As far as growing Cannabis plants at home are concerned, you may legally own four plants per residence in Canada. 

Best Cannabis Products to Buy Online:

It is hard to define what it best means to every consumer. With the wide variety of Cannabis products available online, every consumer has their preferences in terms of product quality and quantity. Most of the old school consumers prefer the fashion flower while the younger generation prefers the vape cartridges. Some prefer to buy small quantities of varied products to try all of them. The best way is to start slow and gradually increase the dosage and see what combination suits you best. Once you know your perfect concoction, you’re ready to buy your ideal product in the right quantity!


Buying recreational Cannabis online has become very easy and convenient. However, one must ensure to adhere to provincial rules, age limits, and quantity restrictions to be able to reap the benefits while avoiding unnecessary troubles.

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