June 2021


Things to Know About grow tent sensors

There are many things to know about cannabis and if you are an indoor gardener, there are many different approaches to growing cannabis indoors. Firstly, it is important to realise that if you decide to grow cannabis in a grow tent then the entire process will need to be temperature and humidity controlled which will ensure that home growers plants produce a high-quality product and have a consistent climate to thrive in.

The reason for this is because of the sensitive nature of indoor gardening and the fact that all moisture and nutrients have to be continually managed and monitored. It is important for indoor gardeners to understand what is needed for growing cannabis in grow tents before they start investing in any equipment or supplies for the options are vast and can get quite complex.

One of the most important things to know about grow tent sensors is they give home growers insight into their growing environment which can be controlled remotely by the grower or manually depending on the growers needs. Another important feature some grow tent sensors offer is a digital display that can be accessed from anywhere in the grow tent and is used to see how much their environment is fluctuating. If you are an indoor gardener then you will be happy to hear that temperature and humidity levels can be monitored using automated thermometers seen in the Niwa Grow Hub.

One of the more common mistakes home growers make when growing cannabis outdoors is feeding their plants too much water at once, when in reality it is much better to spread the feed over a longer period rather than feed them all at once which is another reason to use an automated watering system.

Back to the indoor grower, the temperature and humidity inside a grow tent can also be controlled using grow tent sensors. One example is to use the Niwa Grow Hub which can detect increases in temperature which then triggers the necessary equipment (i.e., fan or A/C) to bring down the desired temperature. Additionally, the Grow Hub will turn the fan or A/C off once the desired environment is achieved.

Another important note about growing cannabis in a grow tent is that it has the ability to be completely sealed. This is very important if you plan to use a grow tent since a grow tent is insulated. It can get too hot very quickly thus having remotely accessible sensors is a huge stress relief for home growers.

Finally, when home growers are choosing to grow with a grow tent (or other similar indoor setups) there are a number of things to know that will help you make an educated choice if that is the right setup for you and what level of automation you want.

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